Big City Adventure Vancouver

Big City Adventure Vancouver

Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items around beautiful Vancouver
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Jolly Bear Games, Inc.

Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items around stunningly beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Discover 69 fascinating and obscure facts about Vancouver and its history, plus, earn 69 cool mementos from the 46 amazing scenes you'll visit. Over 130 rounds of hidden object and mini-game fun.
The Collector's Edition includes these great bonus features:
-A bonus adventure game that takes you on a mini-European tour
-A context-sensitive game-walkthrough
-Concept art, desktop wallpapers, screensaver, music files, winter sports venue tour
-Achievement medals (such as finding all coins, achieving no missed click penalties, etc.)Big City Adventure Vancouver is another title in the series that follows the adventures of a family throughout different cities. It is essentially a hidden-object game with cute visuals that beautifully illustrate the city, at the same time that let you learn a bit about Vancouver landmarks. The objective of the game is to go over a number of touristic spots in Vancouver, in an itinerary that covers 69 locations, each one representing a hidden-object level. When you start, only the Walkthrough mode is available, but completing the 69 rounds will unlock an Adventure mode plus an 'Extras' section with some cool surprises.
The idea is to explore each location and find all the objects on a list in order to move on to your next destination. Finding objects is not always an easy task as one may suppose, specially when the items are so well concealed with the setting.
Additionally, if you choose the timed mode, you will have about 15 minutes to find a total of 12 items per level. The items in blue on the list are hidden in a special area that you will find by hovering your mouse all over the setting.

Among the hidden objects there are special coins that can give you extra time, more points, and most importantly, they can give you hints that will reveal the location of an object. These are really useful when you run out of time, though you only get three hints per level.

After each round, you will find varied and clever mini games to solve, like word games and puzzles of all types, which add a bit of variety to a gameplay that becomes unavoidably repetitive and monotonous after a while.
To sum up, the game is beautiful and casual gamers will enjoy it, but it may disappoint those who are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary game.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Cute graphics
  • Fitting music
  • Lots of levels to play
  • Interesting mini games
  • Six characters to choose from
  • Timed and relaxed modes


  • Monotonous gameplay
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